How install SpamScan in cPanel Servers

Installation Instructions

Step 1: Run The wget to install SpamScan


Step 2: Upload file to the server (any folder) via FTP or SFTP

Step 3: Run tar xvfz spamscan.tar.gz to untar the file spamscan.tar.gz using command line.

Step 4: cd spamscan

Step 5: Run chmod 755 addon_spam* spamscan*

Step 6: Run ./

Step 7: Enter your SpamScan license key - Wait 60 seconds for install to complete.

That's it! SpamScan is now installed in your WHM!

SpamScan is automatically added to your server's CRON.

To access SpamScan check the plugins section of your WHM by logging into WHM then clicking PLUGINS in the "HOME" WHM screen, then SPAMSCAN.

Make sure to enter the license key you received from to activate the product.

Uninstallation Instructions:

To uninstall: just run the script

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