You can now surf x3host with safety

13th Jan 2015

Hi everybody

We are today installed a power ssl in client area so when anyone surf x3host from any browser he will see x3host trusted by over 99% of browsers and customers worldwide :)

Domain promocodes 3.88$ only

3rd Jan 2015

Our New Domain Promocode for the first year

.Org = $5.39 USD = $3.88 USD
.in = $4.99 USD
.website = $5.82 USD


Sending Spam Emails on our servers ( Not allowed )

3rd Jan 2015

Hello Everyone

We noticed that someone sending alot of emails on our servers and we warned him if he does this something again he'll be suspended

so please everyone take care about that ( if we see someone broke the rules we'll suspend him forever )

thank you for reading this announcement