We are working hard 7/24 to deliver the best support to all of our clients, I know we were had some issues in the past but this is gone with the new improvments, And we still adding more servers because of the high volume of orders we receive everyday,
Also we are fixing all issues in just a minutes if the issue is not for a thing that need more time,

We have some issues with our New York server and we are working to fix it permanently so it should disappear soon any issues you see with the server,

Regarding our Phoenix ,AZ location ,

Our staff Moved all accounts / Reseller / Master resellers from Phoenix ,AZ to Our Germany location with our new server ( Intel Xeon 1270 V3 ) with 32Gb RAM, 1Gbps Network speed, and this is an information to our clients in Phoenix server you maybe have a delay with connecting to your website,  but in general all websites are working now great with more performance and high speed,

We are preparing a new server at ( Phoenix ,AZ ) as it's our prefereed location inside the USA ,

We will keep you updated with our latest updates regarding our service improvments,

X3host Staff
best Regards

 Thursday, May 24, 2018

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